London, 21st September 2023 – INFINOX, a pioneering and market leading force in CFD & Forex remains committed to its Brand Values; pushing forward with development plans on innovation & sustainability. 

Following on from Managing Director Jay Mawji’s company update in May 2023 INFINOX have shared a further update on its projects, their vision and plans in the coming months.

“This year has proven to be quite challenging for all firms across the industry. We recognised this early and aligned our business strategy to ensure that we stay committed to our core values of delivering a premium service to our partners and clients. As evidenced with the delivery on the products we offer with the launch of our new IX Social App, along with the IX SYNC Platform & Partner Label; with more still to come”

In the coming weeks and months we have learned that INFINOX will be strengthening their already established market presence with further enhancements that will provide a strong commitment to its Partners (IBs and Affiliates) as well local based initiatives which will strike the chords with many, not just people associated within the CFD industry or traders. 

Some of the key updates include;

  • Forefront of Innovation: This is the driving force behind our vision. We are dedicated to improving our trading solutions, embracing new technology, and delivering groundbreaking solutions that improve navigating the financial markets for both our clients and partners.
  • Sustainability as a Priority: Sustainability is not just a buzzword; it’s a fundamental aspect of our vision. We are committed to building a brand to last for the ages as well as adding value beyond the trading world.
  • Empowering Clients: Central to our vision is the belief in the power of people. We aim to empower our clients with the latest tools, enhance their knowledge, and provide opportunities they need to thrive.
  • Global Impact: Our vision extends to all our clients from Latin America across to South East Asia. As a true global brand, we deliver a global offering with regional execution. 

“INFINOX has been an industry leader for many years and we always hold Integrity Excellence, Ambition and Trust at the heart of our culture and everything we do” said Jay Mawji.