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Metatrader 5 (MT5)

Upgrade your MetaTrader experience

Meta Trader 5
Meta Trader 5 logo

Trade on MetaTrader 5

Trade on the advanced MT5 platform. Access algorithmic trading, technical and fundamental analysis tools, extensive price analysis functions, trading signals and more.

Meta Trader 5 icon

Flexible trading

Netting and hedging order accounting systems, and availability of instant, request, market and exchange execution modes.

Meta Trader 5 icon

Technical analysis

38 built-in technical indicators, market depth, hedging and netting, 6 pending orders, 21 time frames and much more.

Meta Trader 5 icon

Fundamental analysis

The economic calendar provides macroeconomic indicators from across the world, along with news reports that may impact your trades.

Meta Trader 5 icon

Virtual hosting (VPS)

Run your robots without disruption and ensure orders are executed with minimum delay. By running on a remote server, MT5 will operate even when your computer is closed.

Meta Trader 5

How does MT5 work?

MetaTrader 5 is an online trading platform that allows you to trade multiple asset classes including stocks, forex, indices, commodities, futures, and more.

It is the next-generation version of the popular MetaTrader 4 platform, developed by MetaQuotes Software.

Meta Trader 5

Range of analysis tools

Analyse price patterns and trends through technical analysis, using charts, indicators, time frames and analytical objects.

MT5 allows you to open up to 100 charts at a time, with 21 available timeframes and over 80 technical indicators and analytical objects. Users can also create their own indicators within the MQL5 development environment, and receive access to fundamental analysis tools such as news feeds and an economic calendar.

Meta Trader 5

Automated trading using Expert Advisors

Expert Advisors (EA) is an algorithmic trading model that helps to automate the analysis and execution of your trading activity.

EA allows you to use trading robots to execute trades and analyse your trading performance. The programme runs on the MT5 platform. You can build different EAs and test strategies from the MQL5 integrated development environment, or pick from a free library of similar trading robots.

Meta Trader 5

Accounting systems and order types

Use two types of position accounting systems with flexible control over trade operations, including support for all types of orders.

Use the hedging order accounting mode when trading forex, or the netting accounting mode on exchange markets. Further, enjoy access to instant, request, market and exchange execution modes, and view the depth of market of different financial instruments.

Meta Trader 5

Receive trading signals from experienced traders

Discover the trading activity of experienced traders on MT5, and make the same trades from your trading account.

Use trading signals by signal providers to replicate their real-time trades. Experienced traders share their trades on the MT5 platform as signal providers. Follow the most successful traders on the platform based on the trading signals they share, and copy their trades from your trading account.

Harness the Power of INFINOX in 3 Simple Steps



Complete the short online application and verify your account to get set up



Deposit your funds to your trading account and you are ready to go



Take advantage of the next opportunity

Harness the Power of INFINOX in 3 Simple Steps

Getting started with MT5

You can easily trade on MetaTrader 5 with your INFINOX trading account.

With INFINOX, MT5 is completely free to use. We pay an up-front fee for the full licence of MT5 (ensuring compatibility with our trading servers) so you don’t have to.

Meta Trader 5

MT5 Desktop

Install the MT5 platform straight to your desktop or laptop and get the full functionality of the platform. Customise the charts exactly how you want them.

Meta Trader 5

MT5 Mobile

Trade seamlessly with MT5 on your smartphone or other mobile devices, on both Android and iOS. You can download and install MT5 on your smartphone directly from Play Store and App Store.

Meta Trader 5

MT5 Web

Use the flexible web-based browser platform. This allows you to trade anywhere that has a computer and internet connection.  

Any questions? We’re here to help.

What can you trade on MT5?

Pick and trade your instrument of choice on this multi-asset platform.

Through INFINOX, you can trade a range of global markets, from the most widely followed commodities to the most exotic FX pairs.


Global currency pairs and high liquidity

With INFINOX, you can buy and sell more than 45 currency pairs - major, minor, and exotic. Trade the world’s most liquid market 24/5, with tight spreads and trading opportunities for all kinds of traders.


Access more than 750 of the world’s largest companies

Trade shares from all kinds of companies, from big tech and consumer staples, to industry, pharma, automotive and more. Access our growing list of stocks traded on the most closely watched exchanges, with highly competitive pricing.


Select equities representing different market sectors

Trade opportunities that span whole economic or industrial sectors, in one move. Discover the biggest, most closely watched market benchmarks, and speculate on the prices of a basket of shares, with competitive prices.


Access hard and soft commodity markets

Buy and sell the world’s most precious physical assets with spreads running close to real market values. Diversify your portfolio with globally-traded commodities, including energies, metals, agricultural products, and more.


Hedge your portfolio with CFD futures

Trade futures contracts with low margin requirements and friendly trading costs. Gain more exposure to your favourite instruments. Use futures trading to hedge your portfolio and take advantage of every trade opportunity.


Turn crypto’s volatility into an opportunity

Harness the benefits of these leveraged, blockchain-based assets. Through your INFINOX account, you can speculate on the prices of Bitcoin, altcoins and meme coins, without having to outrightly own them.

Meta Trader 5 Meta Trader 5

Latest market insights from INFINOX

Explore our suite of market research, analysis, and education, curated especially for the global trader. Learn all you need to know about the basics of trading, or stay informed about the latest developments in global markets.

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