The IX SYNC Partner Label platform enables partners to deliver personalised trading content for their clients, without the hassle of managing their own platform; a true plug-and-play solution.  Partners can utilise their own trading knowledge and experience, social channels and streaming services plus key market insights to further grow their brand and attract new traders as well as better serve their existing traders.

Collaborating with INFINOX’s experienced Partners Team not only ensures top-tier Trading solutions but also enhances revenue potential, leveraging over fifty years of industry experience. 

IX SYNC Partner Label standout features:

  • A customisable trading platform experience like no other. With your branding, personalised indicators, signals and live content streaming, IX SYNC Partner Label truly embodies your business, brand and identity. 
  • Backed by the full support of the INFINOX team, not only is your platform constantly maintained but also optimised. With an inclusive mobile-optimised design, it ensures a smooth trading journey across all devices.
  • A user-friendly interface, perfect for everyday trading. Partners can engage with clients by running competitions, promoting offers, or even expanding their network, by setting up the platform for sub-IBs. With a direct 1-1 support, IX SYNC brings a personal touch to your trading experience. 

The IX SYNC Partner Label elevates the trading experience for trading brands. Available in multiple languages and offering a comprehensive array of trading instruments, the platform is designed for optimum efficiency

Jay Mawji, Managing Director and driving force behind the enhancement said,

“When INFINOX says that we deliver a Premium Partner offering; we mean it! The IX SYNC Partner Label gives our partners the platform to commercialise their business like never before. Now, our partners can deliver live personalised content to their clients without the high cost or significant technology requirements we have seen in the past. Adding value is the key, this platform allows IX to add value for our partners and partners to add value to clients… it’s a win-win-win!” 

Traders can enjoy easy accessibility from anywhere in the world on any device, providing a seamless, end-to-end trading experience from a singular, centralised hub. This secure, regulated environment allows for seamless trading, depositing, and withdrawing. Plus, clients benefit from the complete backing of INFINOX’s premium support, ensuring an optimal trading experience.
Empower your trading business with IX SYNC Partner Label – a game-changing, customisable platform that aligns perfectly with your branding. Discover more about how IX SYNC Partner Label can revolutionise your clients’ trading experience at IX SYNC Partner Label. Our premium partners team is always ready to assist.