The new IB Portal is packed with an array of benefits designed to enable IBs and Affiliates: 

  • Full Tracking: Transparency is key to INFINOX partner’s success. IBs and Affiliates can now keep track of their referred clients. This real-time visibility facilitates efficient client management, empowering partners to focus their efforts where they matter the most.
  • Multi-Level IB: This multi-level tracking feature offers a holistic view of the entire network, enabling users to manage their networks more effectively and optimise their strategies.
  • Commission & Rebates: The portal provides a clear snapshot of the assets traded by clients and the revenue generated. This detailed breakdown of commissions and rebates aids partners in understanding their financial progress 
  • Leads & Demos: The portal offers a window into the effectiveness of different campaigns, highlighting those that resonate with the audience and those that need tweaking. This data-driven insight aids in crafting compelling and successful campaigns.
  • Payouts: Partners can now directly request payouts from the portal, which will be processed instantly. This immediate action eliminates delays and enhances the user’s experience.
  • Promotions: The IB portal enables exclusive promotions tailored for your business and clients. This bespoke promotional capability enables users to offer unique incentives to clients, further amplifying their trading experience.

The IB Portal, with its many benefits, is poised to become an indispensable tool for IBs and Affiliates alike, catapulting them to new heights in the global markets

“We are excited to announce the launch of our new IB portal,” said Robert Berkeley, CEO of INFINOX. “Our commitment to providing our partners with the latest tools and resources they need to succeed in the markets is unwavering. With the launch of our new IB portal, we are offering our partners an even better experience with an enhanced ability to track and manage revenue which in turn helps partners grow their business. 

The new IB portal is the latest in a succession of technology advances at INFINOX following the launch of the popular copy trading app IX Social 2.0 [link]. The IB Portal integrates with INFINOX’s tailored platform IX SYNC, traders of all experiences can easily navigate the markets and take advantage of the latest trading opportunities.

To learn more about the new IB portal and how it can help take your trading to the next level, please visit the INFINOX Partners website at for more information. Sign up today to start experiencing the benefits of the new IB portal!