The Initial Challenge

INFINOX got a special opportunity to talk with Mr. Atisak Kalasri, or Mr. Nan of Pawin Trader Academy. A successful businessman in the financial markets and a successful trader who has the highest number of followers on IX Social in Thailand.

  • Q: Can you share a brief background about your role as an Introducing Broker (IB) before you began using INFINOX and IX Social?
  • A: I used to be a full-time employee who was interested in investing. I started my investing with Thai stocks. But it was not as successful as it should have been. Because of the various volumes, it’s quite slow. So I turned to Forex because, in the past, I had already traded in the financial markets, both the Forex and gold markets. When I really came into contact with it, I thought that I would better use my knowledge to trade in the financial market. I can gain faster. From then on, I started trading in the financial markets, and as I kept trading, I began to have followers who came to know me through social media. They kept following us and came to ask to be disciples or to trade together. So, my team gradually keeps growing.
  • Actually, at first I didn’t decide that I would be the IB at all, but in the past I used to teach others. Like, how to enter a position? And then they came to ask me how to open a trading account. I sent my link without even knowing at the time that it would earn me money. They used my link to open an account and trade with it. That was when I realized money had come into my account, so I decided at that time that I’d better try to be an IB as well, something like this.
  • Q: What were the primary challenges you faced in growing your business before you encountered IX Social?
  • A: During that time, there were quite a few obstacles. The main one was trading. Some platforms or brokers have strong news. There will be problems issuing open or closing positions. This is the main problem with maintaining stability in trading.

Discovering IX Social

  • Q: How did you first learn about IX Social platform?
  • A: When I have an idea that I want to do copy trading. I tried to study what systems it had. At that time, I had the opportunity to talk with INFINOX, so INFINOX offered IX Social to me. Then I tried to learn it. It has many advantages and disadvantages. At that time, I thought, Well, it looked interesting, so I gave IX Social a try.
  • Q: And at that time, how did you meet INFINOX?
  • A: At that time, a friend took me to join a trading group. So I had the opportunity to get to know the group leader of another group. Then, because I am a trader myself, I am already able to trade myself. As a result, when I passed that point, I didn’t join their group permanently. I came out to trade by myself. Start making my own groups. I kept trading. At that time, I was not with INFINOX; I was still trading with another broker. Then I had the opportunity to talk with Mr. Natthakorn, INFINOX’s account manager, and Mr. Natthakorn is still in contact with me continuously. It was a year before I made the decision to move to INFINOX. When I came to INFINOX, I called Mr. Natthakorn and said, I’ll go join you too. I would like to trade together with INFINOX because I also want to diversify my risk. So I talked with Mr. Natthakorn and came to trade with INFINOX.
  • Q: What motivated you to choose IX Social over other trading platforms for your business?
  • A: I chose it because It was probably the first place I decided to do do a copy trading with. Before, I didn’t think about doing it at all. At that time I was with INFINOX, so I decided to come and talk to INFINOX first about what kind of copy trading solutions they had, so I got to know about the IX Social platform.

Early Impressions and Implementation

  • Q: Can you walk us through your first experiences with IX Social? What were the features that initially stood out to you?
  • A: For the most part, I like it. First of all, there is an adjustment in the risk section that does not have to be the same as the master. This means that customers who copy do not have to have as much money as the master to be able to copy. And as for INFINOX, there is a Gold Mini product that I can trade with. Gold Mini helps me reduce risk for my clients. Because I am a person who mainly trades gold. So I quite like it. Or, some people who want to take a bigger risk can increase the percentage even more. It is like allowing him to do money management himself without needing to give me money management, setting risk, and seeing how many percentages we will cut the order when the drawdown reaches. That is, it can be done entirely on the customer’s side, who can do it himself.
  • In the part that I don’t like, it’s probably a matter of sometimes when I open many positions at the same time. Then, when closing many positions at the same time, There may be some orders that are “disconnected”. causing it to not close the order, which if viewed from the perspective of investors, will cause damage to whoever copies and doesn’t want to view the trading all the time. And if the order is lost? It might cause damage to his portfolio.
  • Q: How did INFINOX’s customer service support you during the initial stages of using IX Social?
  • A: I use their support often and am quite happy. I’m quite happy. One thing is that they take care of me like a VIP. Maybe it’s a normal thing to do here to help customers. Helping other IBs like VIPs like this might be normal at INFINOX, but in my view, I’ve never received anything like this. So I felt okay. It’s like being a family. They always came to help me. It made me feel like it was like one of those parties where we did business together. They came in and helped me in a way that he could help me. Both giving advice and many other things, including when I organize various seminars. The support team also came to help. It’s quite a happy.

The Turnaround

  • Q: At what point did you realise that IX Social was making a significant impact on your business?
  • A: Not long after starting the business. I think it shouldn’t be more than 2 months because when I got to grips with copy trading, I felt like I saw many things that could make my business grow even further. It’s just that I have to plan the master’s part myself. What can I create to make my copy trading business go further and go longer?
  • Q: Can you share specific metrics or results that showed substantial improvement in your operations and profitability?
  • A: First of all, I have direct contact with customers. Because I myself am a master for copy trading. I let customers talk to me directly about what kind of trading plan I have, including answering various questions from the customer, which makes him more accessible to me. And nowadays, the world of social media is famous. When I promote something on my page or Facebook, I get responses and attention because you have to understand one thing: people in the world of financial business can be divided into two types. One is a person who is a trader. And the second are people who are investors. I can’t deny that there are a lot of people who are investors. Therefore, people who are investors are sometimes not comfortable learning how to trade. But it’s just that he has a plan to invest. He can invest with master of his choice. But he still must have an understanding of his own money management.

New Features and Growth

  • Q: How have the multi-strategy options and diverse range of tradable assets benefitted your business and clients?
  • A: I’ve already used it. Now I have three strategies open for customers to copy, which is considered OK. Because right now I’m in a group that’s grown quite a lot. Now there will be many masters who are ready to be strategy providers who open up their strategies for customers to choose what strategy they want to use.

Relationship with INFINOX

  • Q: How would you describe your ongoing relationship with INFINOX?
  • A: I felt like I was a VIP; everything I said and whatever I asked for was answered. It makes me feel as if we are truly partners who will do business together. Because my business consists of three parts. First of all, it’s the leader. Secondly, it’s the marketing team and customers. And the third thing is brokers. Of these three parts, we cannot miss any. If I find a professional broker like INFINOX that I have experienced, it gives me peace of mind to do business in the long term. I don’t have to worry about the back office, like, Ah…..will this broker go out of business and runaway? This matter affects business operations. Instead of just looking at customers, the marketing team, and the chart that I have to face and fight with every day, It was necessary to be more suspicious, but now INFINOX has made me feel comfortable enough that I don’t have to be suspicious of them at all. They help where they can on the back office side. It makes me able to do business with peace of mind.

Vision for the Future

  • Q: What are your future plans for utilizing IX Social to further grow your business?
  • A: I aim for at least next year. I would like to have 3,000 accounts of people copying me on IX Social so that my business can grow and be able to make profits for those who follow me as well. This is my main goal for next year.
  • Q: Would you recommend IX Social to other Introducing Brokers? Why or why not?
  • A: I definitely recommend it. Because right now I am at INFINOX. I also want my friends or people who want to do IB to come in and do it together. because I can help him if he comes with me or comes and does it together with me. I am willing to help them go further than before.

Special question

  • Q: I learned that you also work full-time. I’d like you to tell me about your experiences working regularly and also earning income from copy trading. Is it difficult to do both regular work and trading at the same time?
  • A: It’s really not difficult for me. Because really, the trader will be another person. Someone who is better than me, which is my wife. In the past, I was better than her. But now I can’t do better than her anymore. She went much faster than me. And when I saw her trading like that, I trusted her and let her do her part. She tried to show everyone her work and that she really could do it. There really is trading. There are many other live trades where she can show her followers that this is really what she is like. As for loss or profit, it is a normal part of investing. Because no one can make 100% profit or 100% loss. Therefore, the part that she shows is like a proof of what will be done in the IX Social section so that those who follow will continue to have profit. And on my part, when I saw her doing that, I didn’t bother her much. I will handle the back-end system for her only. In terms of contacting and talking with customers That is, in the IX Social section, I let her trade. In case of my own trading, I usually trade around 7:00 p.m., which is not related to my regular work much. Because I prefer to trade during the evening market. So it doesn’t affect my daily life. One day, if I become full-time, I don’t know what to do during the day.
  • Q: I saw that you were the one taking care of the back end of the business. Contacting customers and working regularly at the same time—is it difficult to manage your life?
  • A: It’s not difficult. Most of the time, we communicate via the Line app, but it takes a long time for me to reply. Because sometimes I have work involved. I will answer a little slowly. This is the part that has a bit of a problem. But now I have solved that problem. Right now, we’ve hired an admin team to help with support here. If it happens that the customer can’t contact me, He will contact the administrator.
  • Q: If you could sum up your experience with INFINOX and IX Social in a single sentence, what would it be?
  • A: Just a single sentence? Actually, I want to say several sentences: “You have to grow up! INFINOX must grow together with IX Social and grow together with me, as well as with the customers. I’m sure everyone will be successful. Let’s have a blast. Rise to become the number one broker in the world with INFINOX.