IX Capital Group Limited ("INFINOX") 及其全球分支機構不接受也不向香港居民或公眾提供任何產品。INFINOX在其他司法管轄區域接受監管並獲得牌照,在其嚴格的監管之下經營,INFINOX對香港公眾不提供任何產品。

IX Capital Group Limited ("INFINOX") 及其全球分支机构不接受也不向香港居民或公众提供任何产品。INFINOX在其他司法管辖区域接受监管并获得牌照,在其严格的监管之下经营,INFINOX对香港公众不提供任何产品。

IX Capital Group Limited ("INFINOX") does not accept or offer and products to Hong Kong residents or public. Moreover, while INFINOX is regulated and licensed in other jurisdictions and operates under strict regulations of other jurisdictions, it does not offer any of its products to Hong Kong public.