Os CFD são instrumentos complexos e apresentam um risco elevado de perda rápida de dinheiro pela alavancagem. 70.02% das contas de investimento de investidores particulares perdem dinheiro em trading de CFD com a INFINOX.Deve pensar se compreende a forma de funcionamento dos CFD e se pode correr o elevado risco de perder o seu dinheiro.

Mission Statement

INFINOX Capital Ltd (“INFINOX”) is a global broker regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) headquartered in London. We help traders and Introducing Brokers achieve their business goals and personal ambitions. Our business is built on integrity and trust, offering an industry leading combination of dynamic products, competitive trading parameters and premium, one-on-one service. It is INFINOX’s mission to enable the personal ambitions and business goals of FOREX traders and IBs, through underpinning dynamic products with competitive trading parameters and a premium customer experience.


The fair treatment of our clients is at the heart of our business. The way we build long term relationships with traders is by safeguarding our customers’ interests in a transparent, efficient manner – which is why we chose to locate in the City of London under the authority and regulation provided by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). The FCA has set out six top Treating Customers Fairly (TCF) consumer outcomes to ensure the fair treatment of customers. INFINOX is committed to continued FCA authorization and regulation, and we see FCA TCF values as the core of everything that we do.



  • To be recognised by you as a trusted, dynamic, market-leading FOREX broker business partner
  • To provide you with the crucial tools, education and customer service that make you successful in this rapidly moving market
  • To show our long-term commitment to a trading relationship with you
  • To build personal trust and a track record of exceptional product quality and security
  • To hear about the gratification, adventure, risks and rewards that your trading may bring



  •  The best execution-only trading product and technology experience
  • Live support 24/5 support, delivered by a dedicated team
  • Education and training with education materials and webinars
  • Trading communities
  • Instant execution