Os CFD são instrumentos complexos e apresentam um risco elevado de perda rápida de dinheiro pela alavancagem. 82.44% das contas de investimento de investidores particulares perdem dinheiro em trading de CFD com a INFINOX. Deve pensar se compreende a forma de funcionamento dos CFD e se pode correr o elevado risco de perder o seu dinheiro.

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Infinox Pro is a specialist liquidity provider, serving professional clients with institutional-level liquidity in INFINOX is a globally recognised brokerage, with active partners and clients around the world. Since 2009 we have grown from strength to strength. We have always been focused on servicing our clients and our partners.

We understand the challenges and opportunities that our partners experience. We form personal relationships with our partners, to make sure that we work together to maximise the potential of your business. When your business suceeds, our business succeeds. This is the INFINOX Partnership.

A personal touch, build on global trading infrastructure, cutting edge technology and competitive pricing. This is what INFINOX aims to deliver to our clients and partners.

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Management Team

Robert Berkeley
Jay Mawji
Ulas Akincilar
Head of Trading
Alex Praill
Head of Operations
Pip Owles
Head of Compliance
Sam Chaney
Head of Sales
James Robins
Head of Finance


INFINOX has been regulated for over 10 years. Our Global Prescence and Regulations means we can provide you with Institutional services under a regulation structure that is most applicable to your requirements


Safety of funds

We always hold funds in segregated client accounts. All funds are held are internationally recognised and reputable banks within the relevant regulatory region.

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