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Introducing the IX Premium Service

We offer our clients several benefits to joining the IX Premium Service. You'll receive cash-back on your trading, premium education, and access to experienced market experts.

Benefits of IX Premium



Receive 25% credit when you fund your account with a minimum of 1000 USD

Trade cash-back

trade cashback

Earn 4 USD cash-back for every standard FX lot you trade

cash back

Cash-back rewards

Notional Volume in USD
Cash-Back Amount
(USD per 100000 USD notional volume)
100,000 (1 standard lot) 4 USD
1 Million (10 standard lots) 40 USD
5 Million (50 standard lots) 200 USD
10 Million (100 standard lots) 400 USD
25 Million (250 standard lots) 1000 USD
50 Million (500 standard lots) 2000 USD

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Premium Education

Learn directly from our expert analysts and stay updated with their insightful content.


One-to-One Sessions

Receive one-to-one sessions with our financial analysts. This is the perfect opportunity for you to discuss with an expert their take on the markets as well as discussing your trade plan and how you could improve it. Get help with your trade ideas, your risk management, and your overall trading strategy.


Monthly Investment Report

Read our monthly in-depth investment report that looks at key sectors and how you can benefit from them. The analysis gives you a great basis to make your trading decisions. Understand how experts analyze markets and use their strategies in your own trading.


Quarterly Market Analysis Webinar

Join our monthly webinar where you will learn in real time how our analysts look at markets and how they derive forecasts from each market. You’ll also look at the opportunities our analysts are looking at for the month ahead. You’ll also receive the recording and slides of the webinar to use and refer back to when creating your trade plan.


IX Premium Telegram

Join our telegram channel for free market analysis, trade ideas, and indicator signals. Hosted by our lead analyst, Richard Perry, you will receive instant communications about market moves and forecasts directly to your phone. Be part of the INFINOX community today to stay up to date with all market moves.

How to join IX Premium

  • Reach out to your account manager
  • Deposit a net of 1000 USD
  • You will be given access to all the IX Premium benefits
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