When followers of the Wall Street Bets forum on Reddit caused GameStop's stock price to skyrocket, the world realised the power of information in the hands of people with access to buying and selling stocks. One of the main arguments is the ethics with which that information is used and the way in which it can influence the lives of those directly involved in the company whose shares are sold, and also in a community or an entire economy.

In Latin America, many traders have found a way to impact not only their finances, but also their community, through trading platforms. It is increasingly common to hear of companies, often technology companies, that resort to an Initial Purchase Offer (IPO), to find financing to develop their business and their solutions. In these IPOs, many traders find real gems that allow them to invest in shares of companies seeking financial inclusion, universal internet connectivity or clean energy development.

"The best trading strategists have always followed one rule: don't mislead your audience".

Before continuing, we must make something clear. An Influencer Trader is not one who appears throwing money on an Instagram profile and saying that they have ‘the magic formula to achieve financial freedom’. Over the years, the best trading strategists have always followed one rule: don't mislead your audience. A trader who wants to become an influencer should not be someone who is ostentatious or gives a specific buy-sell recommendation. A true influencer trader is attentive to changes in the market and shares that information responsibly with the trading community.

One of the first pieces of advice that a true influencer trader should give to their community is to take serious trading courses. Once this theoretical part has been consolidated, the next step is to build a forum where knowledge can be exchanged responsibly. Some of these trading community forums have chosen private channels on instant messaging platforms that allow them to exchange tips and buy and sell signals in real time.

I have had the opportunity to observe some of these communities and what is clear to me is that there is never a tone of presumption or ostentation with the members.

These trading clubs are formed so that a trader or a company can share "trading ideas or strategies" with them. Whether it is an organic community, or a paid access community, members exchange information to get buy and sell signals, usually for Day Trading operations.

"The promise of excessive or rapid profitability is a good sign that the influencer promoting it is not very trustworthy".

As an Influencer or as a member, keep in mind that these communities are not required to be regulated, so you should be careful about what information you share or take into account. In addition, remember that the promise of excessive or rapid profitability is a good sign that the influencer promoting it is not very trustworthy.

With all this in mind and after proper preparation, you can start your own community or join one that you trust. Patience, serenity and good market analysis will make you a successful trader... and if you can help more traders and positively influence your community with that, the future will be even more promising for you and your trades.

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All trading carries risk.